110-50 Series

  • 110-50系列
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    • The need for modern modular office design inspired us at “LIKI’ to develop partition system with option of inserted blinds which can be operated manually or automatically. These very heavy thermal break profiles are designed for curtail walling system. This comes with DGU/TGU options only. This can accommodate any of the LIKI’ range of products.

      Product Benefits

    • -Multiple levels of EPDM foam strips makes it heat and sound resistive.
      -Double glazing/triple glazing options available.
      -Dual colour option available for inside and outside.
      -Coatings available- Powder coating, PVF coating, Wood grain printing.
      -Use of PVC strips makes no screw visible so the window/door looks seamless and clean.
      -Seamless view of the outside and inside as well.
      -Easy to clean and maintain.
      -Dual colour option for inside and outside of the window.
      -Inserted blind option.
      -Multiple locking points for doors.
      -SGS Quality test certificate available for parameters like Heat, Sound, Water tightness, Wind load etc.


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